Daily Routine for Dogs

We have an active routine for our dogs, the level of activity will depend on the breed, age and temperament of your dog.

  • Feeding of your dog is as you request, normally twice a day, we want your dog to be home from home
  • Individual diets are catered for, including BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diets
  • Cleaning out the kennels multiple times a day, to ensure optimum hygiene
  • Walking your dog outside, either with your dog alone or with other dogs – your preference. Walking is done a number of times a day depending on the dog
  • You are welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toys along
  • The temperature in the kennels is monitored, with ventilation and heating adjusted to keep the dogs comfortable and dry
  • Clean water numerous times a day
  • We monitor the dogs regularly.

…. walking, clean outs, food, water, walking, walking, food, water, good evening! – Oh and did we mention some more water!

Walking the Dogs
Walking the Dogs
Dog in Kennel
Dog in Kennel

Contact us - by phone please

Due to weather, we may occasionally lose our landline, please use one of the mobile numbers.

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