Vaccination Certificates

We require up to date vaccination certificates including (for dogs) a Kennel Cough certificate.

The Kennel Cough vaccination certificate (for dogs) must be at least THREE weeks old before boarding, and less than 12 months old.

Maintaining the good health of our boarders is important. To do this we:

  • Insist on vaccination certificates being presented to us  – see above
  • Ask that you inform us of all current health issues
  • Clean the dog kennels and cat chalets regularly
  • Provide clean water often
  • Clean animals when necessary
  • Use food that your animals are used to eating
  • Seek veterinary advice should problems occur.

We ask that you help and support us to keep our kennels and cattery healthy.

Please tell us when booking if your pet is on any medication, and after booking if new medication is started. We do need to know in advance.

Veterinary Treatment

Towerwood If vet advice or treatment is required for an existing condition, we will agree with you in advance the procedure to use. We use the Towerwood Veterinary Group as one of our main veterinary service providers, please check out their website.