Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BARF diet?

“Bones And Raw Food” diet or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” diet, both definitions are common. It’s a diet that nature intended animals to eat – which is how they would eat in the wild. The result is a much healthier animal all round. Of course, the raw food must be appropriate for the type and age of the animal.

What do you feed them on?

What you tell us to feed them on, which should be the food you routinely feed them at home. We aim to provide as near to a normal diet as possible to reduce the risk of bad tummies.

Do you walk dogs on their own or with other dogs?

The choice is yours – just tell us your preference.

What happens if our animal is poorly?

We take them to the vet.

Who pays the vet bill?

If it’s a problem that has developed with us, then we do. If it’s an ongoing problem then we will ask you to pay. We have insurance to cover certain vet bills.

What if we can’t or don’t get back in time to collect our pet?

We always make sure we leave room for this type of situation. Your animal will be kept safely for you to collect within our opening hours. If this means collecting the next day you will be charged for the extra day.

Contact us - by phone please

Due to weather, we may occasionally lose our landline, please use one of the mobile numbers.

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